About us

Cannabis in Poland is not foreign and its cultivation in this area is older than us and our grandparents. Companies involved in the extraction and production of CBD products, on the other hand, is a completely fresh issue in which GoldGreen is one of the pioneers around the world - as we are one of the first companies in the cannabis industry in Poland, in the broad sense of the word. When we were creating our first RAW oils in 2016 and enjoying the results in the US - now the largest global cannabis market - there was little more or even less going on there than on our home turf.

Over the years spent on the cannabis market we can boast that our products reach the farthest places of the globe. We have been successful in cooperating with partners from the United States, China and many European countries, supplying them not only with oils for supplementation or direct consumption, but also with e-cigarette cartridges, cosmetic bases or beverages.

Today we are proud to be co-creators of the cannabis industry in Poland and in the world - especially as we have a lot of experience and practice behind us. We have had the opportunity to work with practically every extraction method, and we have tested and verified the properties of products after using hydrocarbon, alcohol, oil and gas processes. Such experience allows us to objectively approach the discussions and arguments that take place today about which is better, more efficient or healthier.

However, extraction alone is only half the battle, and perhaps even less. Few people know - despite growing public awareness - that the oil they hold in their hands is often a complex product of many processes. The most important thing - we call it magic - is to prepare and reprocess the plant extract in such a way as to get rid of as many unnecessary substances as possible, leaving only what we care about. GoldGreen can boast a machinery and technology park developed over the years, where more than five post-extraction processes are used to achieve the best possible result.

And this is not our last word!

About us